The product development and engineering team at Howell Foundry employ the best technologies available, paired with tried and true foundry practices to create tooling and process techniques that reliably and consistently meet the casting needs of our customers.

Our trained and experienced foundry experts review all designs at the beginning of the order process to ensure compatibility with accepted foundry standards. Three dimensional modeling software and analytical tools are used to engineer robust foundry procedures to produce high integrity castings.

Our first priority is to be worthy of our customers trust by offering the most dependable castings available in a timely manner.

Materials and methods

Howell Foundry procures the highest purity materials from the most reputable sources in the U.S. to provide the level of casting integrity our customers demand. This is coupled with a robust quality system developed with lean principles and repeatability in mind to make us the preferred supplier for high end cast products.

Our in-house patternmakers and 3D modeling capabilities provide the ability to service all of your casting needs. Modern no-bake sand systems and electric induction melting methods are used to offer a wide range of casting geometries and alloys designations.

We employ experienced NDT personnel that are qualified in accordance with SNT-TC-1A and welders that are qualified to ASME section XI of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. We have the experience and the capability to handle any and all of your casting requirements including machine, fabrication and heat treatment.

HF Alloy Grade ASTM
1100 High Chrome A532, III, A
1101 Cast Iron, Class 30 A48
2002 Cast Iron, Class 40 A48
2003 NiHard A532, I, C
3001 WCB A216
3002 WCA A216
3003 4140 A958
3004 4340 A958
3005 Grade D SA225
4000 HH Stainless A297
4001 HK40 A351
4002 CB7CU1 A747
5000 CK20 A351
5001 CE3MN A890
5002 CD4MCUN A890
5003 CD6MN A890
5004 CD3MN A890
5006 CA6NM A743
5007 CF8M A743/744
5008 CF3M A743/744
5009 CF8 A743/744
5010 CF3 A743/744
5011 CG3M A744/744
5012 CG8M A744/744
5013 CN7M A743/744
5014 CK3MCUN A743/744
5015 CA-15 A743
5016 A487 Grade 1 A487 Gr.1
7000 N3M A494
7001 CW12MW A494
7002 CZ100 A494
7003 Incoloy 800 N/A
8501 Cobalt 6 N/A